There’s not much more to be said here that hasn’t been said in previous posts. Let’s just say that President Obama is moving full steam ahead with his plan to single-handedly correct the wrong that is drug sentences that are outdated and too harsh. He claims to want the legislature to pass meaningful sentencing reform, but there doesn’t seem to be much point if he shows no hesitation to make it happen himself.

During his presidency, yes, but most during his final year in office as he wraps up those loose ends he really cared about personally.

Forgive the quick count, but of the 72 commutations granted Friday, it looks like 9 are going to mostly non-violent drug offenders who were also convicted of possession of a firearm in the use of their drug-dealing business.

Again, if the image of non-violent drug offender conjures up the image of someone busted for possession of pot, that’s not this group. There are plenty of cocaine, meth, crack, and heroin dealers who now have the opportunity to rebuild their lives with those two free years of community college Obama announced back in January 2015; those who aren’t college material will still have those shovel-ready jobs waiting.

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