That was a very real scare Saturday night at Donald Trump’s rally in Reno, Nevada, apparent from the speed at which Secret Service agents rushed the candidate off the stage.

The audience stayed put, one man was led away under heavy police escort, and the rally continued a few minutes later when Trump returned to the stage. He wasn’t hurt … which apparently cleared that way for the usual editorializing from the media.

Politico’s chief political correspondent, Glenn Thrush, pretty clearly laid the blame for the incident on Trump and his rhetoric. Trump returned to the stage at 9:09 Eastern or so, which would make the grace period about 11 minutes.



Hold on now; the original’s been deleted. Let’s see how Take 2 plays:

Amazing how that happened.

We confess we’re not top-tier journalists like the highly trained folks at Politico, but wouldn’t “repeating it” mean, you know, repeating it? Not rewriting it so that “he” becomes “we”?

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This took a little longer than expected; gotta get those takes in while they’re hot.

Considering no one knows anything at all yet, it’s really not a good time for speculation on anyone’s motives.

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