It’s time for the closing arguments of the 2016 campaign season, and Hillary Clinton and her supporters are enlisting the help of some high-profile celebrity surrogates — and Lena Dunham too.

Friday night’s big event was, of course, a concert in the solidly Democrat city of Cleveland, where Jay Z headlined a get-out-the-vote concert for Hillary Clinton.

If the set lists being passed around are accurate, Twitchy called it: Hova went heavy on the classics, performing “Jigga My Nigga,” “Nigga What, Nigga Who,” and “Niggas in Paris.” For an encore, he dusted off “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” but CNN and other cable networks don’t seem to have published missives on acceptable alternatives for the now outdated and offensive G-word.

The big news, though, was an appearance by Beyoncé, who performed with a cadre of backup dancers dressed in pantsuits.

Even Hillary couldn’t stop talking about it on the campaign trail Saturday.

Surely enough, the pantsuits dominated the headlines. Politically, it wasn’t a bad strategy: as far as anyone can tell, Hillary’s never lied about being a pantsuit aficionado.

In all the excitement of Beyoncé endorsing the pantsuit, it might be easy to overlook Lena Dunham, who possibly put on a touch of makeup for her own “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” rap for Funny or Die. Actually, make that, “rap” for “Funny” or Die.

After all of those distractions, it is so nice to be getting back to the issues.

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