Everyone knew things were going to get ugly in the final week of the presidential campaign, but who knew things would sink to this level?

Just last month, the Committee to Protect Journalists issued a statement warning that a Donald Trump presidency would represent “a threat to press freedom unknown in modern history,” but it turns out Trump wasn’t content to wait until his inauguration to make good on that threat; heck, he’s didn’t even wait for his traveling press to show up before kicking off a campaign rally in North Carolina Thursday.

They’re en route; tell the crowd to hang tight.

Rather than having his audience gather at the airport, it seems the Trump campaign stuck the press on a bus and had them travel to the audience instead.

As far as we know, Hillary hasn’t had her handlers literally corral journalists inside a moving rope line for over a year.

Hey, now. Trump chose to go on ahead and start early; blame him. Hopefully the local press can step up and cover if he does something outrageous, like put on sunglasses.

Seriously, it’s not the fault of the press. Trump has gone rogue in the final days of the campaign and isn’t catering to anyone — not even the Backstreet Boys.

* * *