President Obama seems to be really enjoying being out on the campaign trail again, which is no surprise: no matter how many times he delivers the same jab at Donald Trump, he manages to crack himself up.

Despite all of the dirt the media has managed to dig up on the GOP nominee, Obama prefers to hit him on the issues that connect with Democrat voters. Trump certainly must have felt the burn when the president taunted him for never hanging out with working people, with the exception of the people he’s employed by, you know, actually creating jobs in the private sector.


Funny that Obama should mention fairways. The Golfer in Chief played his 300th round in August, so he’s had plenty of opportunity to hang out with groundskeepers. Maybe they’ll keep in touch after he leaves office; he might be losing the use of Air Force One pretty soon, but certainly he’ll find a less pricey ride to the links somehow. Those $3.6 million golf trips don’t pay for themselves, after all, as the GAO recently reported.

Dang, that is steep. ABC News reports that the price tag included “the operating expenses of Air Force One, supporting aircraft, and U.S. Coast Guard small boats, as well as travel expenses, which include per diem commercial airfare and rental cars for Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security personnel supporting the trip.” The members of the president’s security detail count as working people, right?

* * *