Every once in a while the media oversteps its bounds, and there’s no choice left but to go in search of some muscle to put the beast back in its pen.

Obviously the Hillary Clinton campaign is better staffed than poor Melissa Click, who had to wander around a college campus calling out for some muscle to clear a student reporter out of the “media-free zone” protesters had set up. And when the Clinton campaign staff foresees some “hand-to-hand” combat on the horizon, it’s good to have Correct the Record and Media Matters on speed dial.

It’s not clear from the email if the campaign ever did engage Media Matters to defend Huma Abedin from fringe alt-right hate site Vanity Fair, but the email certainly is telling when it came to exposing the campaign’s concerns.

There was apparently some real worry over “the Teneo/SGE stuff,” which could “make life a little more difficult” if exposed. In 2013, Fox News reported on the Teneo stuff, which involved Abedin collecting $355,000 as a consultant to Teneo, a firm co-founded by former Bill Clinton counselor Doug Band, while also earning $135,000 as a special government employee, or SGE, working part-time for the State Department.

It turns out there was no need for hand-to-hand combat after all.

That was close.

* * *