After the second presidential debate, when a flood of groping and sexual assault allegations hit the news media all at once, journalists had to be careful even suggesting that such a thing could have been coordinated.

Americans are living in a time when Hillary Clinton of all people can tell them with a straight face that rape accusers should be heard and believed and supported. The expectations have been set: if a woman decides to come forward a month before the election with a claim that Donald Trump groped her more than 30 years ago, that’s her prerogative — it’s a woman’s decision if and when to disclose such information.

Still, some accusers sure are making it difficult to comply with Clinton’s directive. After a day of hype over news that a woman was going public with a claim that Donald Trump raped her when she was just 13, the press conference was canceled just as it was scheduled to begin.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

The Huffington Post was especially ready to cover the proceedings, even asking earlier in the day why the media wasn’t covering the case … awkward, considering microphones from CNN, Fox News, the Associated Press and others were set up and ready to record.

So, Trump bullies have struck once again?

The press conference reportedly will be rescheduled.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes is aware of what’s going on … maybe he can assist?

Well, the rape allegation did get its share of media attention, even without a press conference — so much for the idea no one’s covering the story, even if that story ended with a room full of reporters waiting for a bombshell that didn’t drop. What’s that feeling called?

Who would allow it? Attorney Lisa Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred.

Did Ben Shapiro call it again?