Well then. Sitting DNC chair Donna Brazile had quite the meltdown when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly pressed her on those leaked emails suggesting the former CNN contributor had shared at least one debate question with the Clinton campaign in advance of the presidential debate CNN co-hosted with TV One.

Brazile denied doing any such thing, but after CNN released a statement saying the network was “completely uncomfortable” with the situation, it cut ties with Brazile and sent Zucker into CYA mode.

Now, it seems, the whole ugly mess is wrapped up.

CNN president Jeff Zucker on Wednesday said that the network had completed an investigation (of itself, apparently) and uncovered “one bad apple” whose behavior “was completely unacceptable.”

So, who was the bad apple who leaked the questions, and what exactly did Zucker mean when he said, “this has been dealt with”?

Guys, it’s been dealt with. Rest assured no one will be leaking any more presidential debate questions this campaign cycle.