Not that it needed to be said, but those WikiLeaks emails made it pretty clear that Hillary Clinton didn’t have to worry about invoking her fact checkers in the media from the debate podium whenever things got a little dicey up there.

Things have reached the point where PolitiFact was able to declare as half-true Donald Trump’s assertion that Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, based on his unprovable, unspoken implication that there was something criminal to her actions. Everyone knows what he meant, though.

Imagine how well viewers took CNN political producer Dan Merica’s note that Hillary Clinton at a rally in Florida Tuesday incorrectly stated she was in New York City on 9/11.

OK, it is what she said, but no one would ever call out a man for saying something that’s incorrect, right?

So, would PolitiFact rate this one only half-true, since she clearly misspoke, or true, because her supporters understood what she meant to say?

Hillary’s supporters like fact-checks of her speeches almost as much as they like James Comey these days. “Incorrectly tells” was a bit judgmental; this was obviously more a case of her misspeaking, like she did when she relayed the story of her trip to Bosnia.

Kind of like this one?

Once they’ve managed to drag Hillary across the finish line, the news networks won’t have to worry about ugly accusations of lying anymore when “Clinton misspoke” will suffice.