The ad campaign was going to end anyway, but most people needed to be reminded how little they would miss those politically themed “Bud Light Party” spots, which reportedly failed to drive sales among the younger set.

How could ads featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen not miss? Adweek reported on the ad campaign back in January, when a Bud Lite executive asked, “Who is a better representation of the humor that is incredibly relevant right now than Seth and Amy?” Right now might have referred to that particular hour of that winter day, or it might have been a sly reference to the new slogan, “Raise one to right now.”

The same executive also made it “very, very clear” that Bud Lite had no intention of getting into politics; too bad for the brand, then, that Schumer didn’t follow suit, instead playing the old “leaving the country if my candidate doesn’t win” card.

People love them! At least that’s what the guy told Adweek. Does he even work there anymore?