Apologies to Bernie Sanders and anyone else who’s tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails, but there’s so much information breaking through the dam now it’s difficult to keep up.

Of course FBI Director James Comey is in the doghouse for alerting Congress to official emails found on the laptop Anthony Weiner reportedly shared with Huma Abedin, but it’s important to keep in mind that Judicial Watch is pushing ahead with its own lawsuits against the State Department, uncovering through the Freedom of Information Act its own treasure trove of emails and other documents.

Take, for example, documents newly released to the watchdog group that detail Bryan Pagliano’s multiple warnings to Bill Clinton aide Justin Cooper that someone was trying to hack into Hillary’s home-brew email server in November 2010. Pagliano has repeatedly taken the Fifth when questioned about Clinton’s email setup, but emails show he warned that someone had tried to hack into Clinton’s server 10 times in a two-day span.

Judicial Watch points out that the Secret Service was notified, meaning that that agency was aware not only that Clinton was operating her own private email server, but that it had been the target of hackers — so much for the narrative that no one found out about it until they heard about it on the news. That didn’t stop her from keeping it running, though.