After FBI Director James Comey managed to shake up the home stretch of the campaign Friday, Hillary Clinton’s camp cobbled together a response that leaned heavily on discrediting Comey (problematic, just months after Democrats praised his integrity) and suggesting that Russia was behind everything.

Things had been going so well for the Clinton campaign, particularly after the news media decided to dedicate a week’s worth of coverage to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, whom Donald Trump had criticized for her weight gain. Clinton’s people whipped up an ad focusing on young girls and body image and, purely coincidentally, struck gold when a teen just happened to echo that very theme at a Clinton town hall.

Hillary’s previous attempt at deploying a reset button didn’t work out as intended, but why not reset her campaign to the point when Machado was headline news? At a campaign stop in Dade City, Fla., Tuesday, Machado introduced Clinton, saying a few words about her concern that Russia was meddling in a foreign election. No, of course that’s not what she said.

Well, you know how spontaneous and off-the-cuff Hillary can be.

But what about the Russians? What about the case that Trump was undermining democracy itself by suggesting the election was rigged?

Yes, it is hard to believe that with only seven days left, Clinton is pivoting back to Trump’s treatment of women. Not only is he likely to nuke the planet into oblivion; he’s going to comment on women’s weight while he’s doing it.

It’s unlikely to hurt Trump as long as he manages to stay on message and not give the media an excuse to spend another five days on Miss Universe 1996 and the next president’s role in promoting a healthy body image to teen girls.