If Hillary Clinton door knocker Katy Perry could spend hours in the makeup chair just to look like the Democratic nominee for Halloween, it would seem Clinton could make some effort to come up with her own costume.

It turns out she did, letting the mask slip briefly during Monday’s Halloween party on Air Hillary. It is just so, so fortunate that photojournalists were there to capture some candid snaps of the most recent Humor and Heart™ upgrade in action.

She really does appear to be having a good laugh. We’d read reports that she’s a happy warrior who is “almost bizarrely unfazed by crisis,” but it’s nice to have photographic proof that she’s not allowing the Russian spies running the FBI to ruin the holiday.

Not to mention holding that laugh as well. Has anyone tried unplugging her and then plugging her back in?

She stepped out to grab some beer, probably. Why isn’t she back yet?

There had better be some follow-up photos: it doesn’t seem like Hillary to let the press just sit there in the back of the plane while the staff parties up front, with the privacy curtain wide open. Maybe if the press starts asking questions about the FBI or Project Veritas or WikiLeaks she’ll whip out the drink tray and some chocolates like usual.

Then again, everyone filled up on tacos already.

Looks like another super-fun day on the campaign trail.

It’s great that the reporters had fun on such a big news day; next it will be their turn to give her a free ride.