Is 2016 the worst election of all time? It certainly does seem like it, and it’s making Secretary of State John Kerry sad, in particular because America is embarrassing itself in plain sight of the whole world. It’s getting so he can’t even show his face around his democracy-loving Iranian deal partners anymore.

Cheer up, John — it could be a lot worse. Imagine how bad it would be if Kerry hadn’t done his part as Secretary of State to lower the world’s expectations in the years leading up to campaign season. Maybe once Joe Biden takes over the State Department, Kerry can begin to make amends one country at a time with a world tour, with an extra-special opening act? Word is he’s got a friend.

Maybe the best part of the excerpt is hearing Kerry reminisce about the old days, when he couldn’t even have imagined a presidential debate that didn’t focus on the real issues, like air conditioners and their climate terrorist buddies threatening national security.