There’s only a week until Election Day, and the busy little bees at Hillary Clinton’s digital HQ are scouring the web looking for whatever online support they can to help distract from the email scandal that just won’t go away.

Maybe someone working at the campaign might want to, you know, read what it is they’re sending to Clinton’s 10 million followers before hitting the Tweet button.

How long until someone decides it wasn’t the best idea to promote Hillary by linking to a piece that describes her as one of the “most corrupt, least popular candidates of all time.” Maybe she’s taking baby steps toward honesty?

Fact-check: True. The tweet’s been up for hours now — maybe something is distracting the crack team at the Hillary campaign?

There’s a lot more than just the tweet that’s laughable. This is Slate, after all, and of course someone’s just having fun with the idea that Hillary is nearly as corrupt as Donald Trump.

The article itself lists 239 pieces of evidence to prove that Trump is corrupt, while Clinton has only one perceptible flaw: “Poor email server management.”

That’s a good one. Maybe, just maybe, she should have left management of the email server to the federal government instead of setting up a unsecured home-brew server and handing the keys to a guy who managed to wipe her email archive with BleachBit. Oops!