As much as John Podesta enjoys making lobster risotto, time doesn’t always allow for that handcrafted touch, and sometimes the masses are going to have to settle for takeout. With only a week left before the election and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal threatening to boil over, Podesta’s been busy serving up some half-baked media reports, with an assist from the official @HillaryClinton Twitter account.

Podesta’s followers are getting an extra helping of Slate from the campaign today, with Podesta steering followers to at least two articles, including a bombshell report about Donald Trump’s own secret email server, which served as his own private pipeline direct to Russia.

The Clinton campaign not only linked to Slate’s report: it released an expert analysis courtesy of the campaign’s own senior policy adviser. Trump’s secret hotline to Putin? Confirmed!

A scoop like that is the kind of thing one would have expected the New York Times to have been all over. In fact, Trump’s secret email server did pop up in a piece Monday, but only for the Times to report that it had obtained computer logs, and that the FBI had concluded the transmissions to Vladimir could have been nothing more than marketing email or spam.

It does seem that way.

The Clinton campaign is famous for projection, but maybe going after Trump for having his own secret email server isn’t the wisest move?

But …

“Russian” really is the word of the day.