John Podesta and whichever small army of staffers is currently tweeting as @HillaryClinton would really appreciate if everyone could just turn their attention to CNBC for a minute. Not the cable channel, the website … no one knows what channel CNBC’s on anyway and there’s no time to search.

It seems the mainstream media that’s been working overtime to influence the election has been sitting on some important information, and Podesta is shocked — shocked! — that it took CNBC to reveal this bombshell.

Wow, everyone at Camp Clinton is retweeting this incredible, shocking bombshell.

Dang, that is incredible! An unnamed former FBI official told CNBC that some unnamed government insiders are perplexed that Comey would suddenly overcome his previous “timing concerns” about Russia when it came to new evidence possibly damaging to Hillary.

Even “Hillary Clinton” finds these revelations incredible. Either that, or she thinks it’s incredible her campaign’s having to link to an article on CNBC at this stage of the game, when she’s used to having willing surrogates in the press place stories fed to them by her campaign.

Seems a bit desperate, doesn’t it? Sure, reporters quote anonymous sources all the time … but campaigns aren’t usually so eager to retweet those reports.

In short, don’t trust the head of the FBI until he agrees to go public with what could be evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation; instead, place your trust in this single unnamed source.

It’s probably Harry Reid’s friend. That guy, he knows some things.

* * *


That didn’t take long. Now the Huffington Post is confirming that a single anonymous source did talk to CNBC.