There are unconfirmed reports that morale inside the FBI hit a low point after James Comey publicly laid out investigators’ findings in the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton but decided to pass on recommending indictment. Spare a thought, then, for the agents who then had to pick themselves up and trawl Anthony Weiner’s laptop in an investigation into his sexting practices.

It’s easy enough to picture Huma Abedin checking out the laptop she shared with her now estranged husband and wondering how THAT got on there, but reports Sunday indicated she had no idea how her emails ended up on that machine.

That’s not entirely unbelievable, seeing as Weiner was up to all sorts of things he wasn’t eager to share with the wife. Then again, it’s not a great defense to mount when trying to counter charges that Hillary Clinton and her aides at the State Department were extremely careless with their handling of sensitive materials.

That’s weird, though: the story before was that Abedin would forward government emails to her Yahoo mail account so she could print them for the boss, who liked paper copies so that she could relax to the familiar, comforting sound of the office shredder grinding away. But all someone had to do was log into her Yahoo account, and …

Don’t overlook that emails leaked earlier this year by WikiLeaks established that Abedin was able to log into and send emails from Hillary’s account too, and Hillary was using that same account to correspond with President Obama, who must have had her address whitelisted so her emails would get through. But no one took security more seriously than Hillary Clinton, no sir.