Earlier this month, the epidemic of creepy clowns became so widespread as to finally make it into a White House press briefing, where Josh Earnest suggested reporters maybe check with the FBI or Department of Homeland Security about how they were choosing to respond to the red-nosed menace.

It doesn’t take much of a Google search — or maybe a search of your child’s backpack for the note the teacher sent home — to find that a lot of school districts, and even some municipalities, have banned clown costumes this Halloween. As if that and the fact that it falls on a Monday didn’t suck all the fun out of Halloween this year, Katy Perry has ruined the holiday for everyone with her Hillary Clinton disguise.

It reportedly took makeup artists six hours to apply the necessary prosthetics to simulate the aging effect of decades of scandals, and in the end, they ended up with … Jay Leno in a blonde wig?

Perry even brought her own Bill Clinton for public display, while her real-life love Orlando Bloom followed close behind in some sort of Carrot Top/gorilla hybrid Donald Trump costume.

Correction: Sorry about that bad information up above; eyes younger than ours confirm that Perry’s getup was “spot-on,” an adjective probably better suited for those dressed as one of Bill Clinton’s other women.

Anyone who thought the whole found-footage horror genre had been played out just needs to up their game:

Perry wowed the guests with her interpretive dance reenacting Hillary’s historic appearance at the 9/11 memorial ceremony …

… before twerking on Kendall Jenner.