Even though a quick scan of social media suggests the country is so over old white men, Joe Biden, the fifth hottest vice president ever, holds a special place in the hearts of all Americans. Good news, then, for everyone who was sad to see him go: Politico reported Thursday night that Hillary Clinton was considering asking Biden to take over her old gig at the State Department.

Politico, citing an unnamed source within Camp Clinton, noted that “neither Clinton, nor her aides have yet told Biden,” so it would be appreciated if everyone could keep this under wraps until she determines the best way to approach him with the offer.

It seems the reality of a Secretary of State Biden is a ways off at best, but the report provides a nice distraction from all the noise surrounding Clinton in the wake of those daily WikiLeaks dumps. Who couldn’t use a nice distraction, Hillary most of all?

But the anonymous source said they were totally considering thinking about asking Biden to consider thinking about it.

Beware, enemies of freedom worldwide: if Hillary’s elected, Secretary of State Biden’s gonna put y’all back in chains!

You might be asking yourself, why isn’t Hillary up by 150 points? Well, for one thing, she’s not Joe Biden, who probably would be up 50 points if he’d chosen to run.