Maybe it’s time to take the outrage meter in for routine calibration. It seemed like a pretty big deal when CNN laid the blame squarely on Donald Trump and his dangerous rhetoric for those Election Day riots that haven’t happened yet, so the news that Trump used the word “ghettos” at a campaign stop in Toledo perhaps didn’t cause that nationwide outbreak of fainting spells the news networks seem to have expected.

The word must be nearer to extinction than suspected, as CNN actually included Merriam-Webster’s definition in its coverage, adding that the G-word “is no longer used in mainstream political discourse.” That’s the sort of thing Trump’s advisors should have warned him about before he attempted to enter the political mainstream.

“Slum area” sounds pretty sketchy as well. Let’s see; the Associated Press suggests that reporters use section, district, quarter, or … slum area? Come on.

When you’re at Starbucks they let you do it. Grasp straws by the handful. You can do anything.

Where did Trump even pick up such a word?

Chances are pretty good that Donald Trump has never heard a rap song, unlike West Coast rap aficionado Hillary Clinton.

She certainly knows that ghetto is not OK in mainstream political discourse, but hopefully there’s an exception for Jay Z’s Get Out the Vote concert on her behalf in Cleveland … C-town is going to be counting on Hova to deliver classics like “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” and “So Ghetto.”

* * *