Seeing the end of his second term approaching quickly, President Obama made another dent in his to-do list Thursday by granting 98 more commutations, bringing his total to 872.

The White House usually makes quite a big deal out of the president’s commutation sprees, but the blog post accompanying Thursday’s batch was relatively brief, noting that “while there has been much attention paid to the number of commutations issued by the President, at the core, we must remember that there are personal stories behind these numbers.”

The people to whom some of these criminals sold drugs certainly have their own personal stories as well, but don’t look for those in the news. Most of those granted clemency are serving time for nonviolent drug crimes, but while the president has teamed up with rapper Macklemore to fight opioid abuse, he’s also cutting the sentences of a whole lot of crack and meth dealers.

Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the guns. For a believer in gun control, the president doesn’t seem to believe felons in illegal possession of firearms deserve the harsh sentences they were given. Of the 98 people granted clemency Thursday, 19 or so were felons in possession of firearms — but sure, pass more gun control laws.

* * *