Those playing along at home probably noticed that the flood of groping and sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, whether true or false, receded awfully quickly once the media and the Clinton campaign decided to clear the decks for a new batch of think pieces about Trump’s allegations that the election was rigged.

In case the public missed the hint that, by questioning the integrity of America’s electoral process, Trump was sowing the seeds of Election Day violence, a new wave of think pieces emerged to make the threat that much more explicit. They’re not saying there’s gonna be violence; they’re just strongly implying there’s gonna be violence.

CNN … isn’t that the network that “shorthanded” a girl’s call for rioters to burn down the Milwaukee suburbs until it could be reported as a condemnation of violence?

So they’re polling likely voters now on Election Day violence?

Just to be clear: violence is a no-no, just as it was a no-no when it was perpetrated by anti-Trump protesters who literally rioted outside of rallies and fundraisers, throwing flaming debris at police and sucker-punching citizens outside Trump events. Not that a lot of people were blocking off time on their calendars to become violent; look how hard Twitter came down on Joe Walsh for announcing he was going to grab his “musket” if Trump doesn’t win.

Vox, however, earned special recognition Thursday for its piece citing scholars worried that Trump’s rhetoric would “have far worse consequences than we imagine” — and Vox has quite the imagination; just check out the staff’s Obamacare predictions.

Wasn’t it Vox that not too long ago published a piece explaining how rioting could lead to important social reforms, and encouraged readers to take rioters’ causes seriously?

Dang, it’s Y2K all over again. Time to stock up on canned goods and buy that shotgun Vice President Biden has been hassling everyone to purchase. Just remain calm and blast a couple of shells out the front door into the darkness if you suspect someone might be out there.

Allegedly, please … that video was likely heavily edited, and besides, it’s vital that Hillary Clinton win at any cost if it means saving America from Trump. The media can analyze any moral lapses in reaching that end after the first woman president assumes office.

* * *