As Twitchy reported, James O’Keefe on Tuesday teased a new Project Veritas video that would ensure Americans United for Change director Brad Woodhouse a “busy busy day.”

That video premiered on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday night. Remarkably, Scott Foval, fired from Americans United for Change after previous Project Veritas video releases, had even more secrets to offer up — and this one was big.

In Wednesday’s video release, Foval explains that the bartender who caught Romney’s devastating “47 percent” remarks on video during a fundraiser was part of a coordinated operation to sneak a video recording device into the event. That video eventually was passed along to David Corn of Mother Jones, who won a George Polk Award for his efforts.

The story at the time, of course, was that bartender Scott Prouty brought a camera along in hopes of perhaps getting a photo with Romney — which somehow involved setting down the camera and hitting the record button. Progressives hailed Prouty as a hero for coming forward with the video:

Nope, the guy just wanted a photo and brought along his camera. Except, according to Foval, it wasn’t his camera; it belonged to a lawyer who gave it to the bartender and had him set it up to record.

Yep, looks that way. It’s probably safe to assume at this point the everything ever has been a lie.

Corn emerged a big winner, though, for playing his predetermined part in the coordinated operation, even if he didn’t know it.