A handful of demonstrators were arrested Monday during protests outside the Art Institute of Chicago, where they blocked traffic as part of their demand for free tuition to all state colleges and universities.

They shouldn’t have to do that, right? President Obama announced in January 2015 his plan to offer two years of free community college to “everybody who’s willing to work for it.” Wasn’t that enough?

What makes Monday’s protest in Chicago particularly boneheaded, though, was that it wasn’t the typical demand for the taxpayers at large to foot the bill. Rather, demonstrators argued that hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin, an Art Institute trustee, should stop donating to Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and use his billions to push for free college instead.

The Daily Maroon, student newspaper of the University of Chicago, reported that students Johnathan Guy and Jessica Law were among those arrested. Hiring managers might want to take note … just sayin’.