There’s a lot that’s unprecedented about the Donald Trump candidacy, not the least of which is the potentially radioactive nature of an endorsement.

Look at how many Republicans pulled their previously pledged support following the leak of the Access Hollywood tape. And then, of course, was Sen. Ted Cruz’s late endorsement of the GOP candidate, coming as it did after he was met with boos for his sly non-endorsement during his speech at the Republican National Convention.

And then there’s another one-time rival for the nomination, Mike Huckabee. He’s supporting Trump, seeing that Hillary Clinton in his eyes would be worse for the country. On Tuesday, he delivered one of the strangest analogies of the campaign season, arguing that staying home and not voting would be like handing the keys to a drunk teen.

Chevrolet and Molson Coors likely aren’t going to panic over that one and send their social media departments into action. But is it a convincing argument?

Whoa, let’s stick with the Corvette and the beer for now. And one cinnamon roll.

If Tuesday’s tweet seemed like a way to endorse Trump without actually endorsing Trump, rest assured that Huckabee does indeed have someone in mind for those tempted to stay home.