As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton headed to Florida Tuesday for a hard-hitting chat on Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca.”

It’s difficult to tell from this clip alone, but it doesn’t appear that the fat man pressed Clinton too hard on those WikiLeaks emails suggesting that her staff scrambled to “clean up” evidence that she and the president had been corresponding using her private email server.

Unprecedented? Only if it’s the first time El Gordo danced with a guest.

How could anyone forget Hillary Clinton doing the Whip and the Nae Nae with Ellen Degeneres? One year of intense psychotherapy isn’t enough, trust us.

Well, OK. No glass ceiling is safe from this woman.

Also featured during Clinton’s appearance were a mariachi band, a birthday cake …

… and a birthday gift. Univision chairman Haim Saban and his wife must have felt the $11.9 million in donations already given to the Clinton campaign lacked that personal touch.

There’s no denying Clinton has been in a partying mood since the debates wrapped up; check out how quickly she offered everyone on her campaign plane food and drinks after the final debate when a reporter asked about those Project Veritas bird-dogging videos:

She’s got moves, all right.