An armed confrontation with Russia might be looming after the election if Hillary Clinton implements that no-fly zone she mentioned in the final debate, but for now there’s another match up that’s commanding the nation’s attention. No, not the World Series.

Well, Joe Biden has his gloves courtesy of Chris Matthews, and Donald Trump said Tuesday night he’s on board.

That really would be a spectacle, but after Tuesday night’s episode of “The Kelly File,” people are going to be demanding that Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly mix it up in the ring too. Somebody melted down on somebody else, but it’s up to the individual viewer to sift through the wreckage and determine who came out on top.

No pun intended, of course.


But does it really rate an OMG and at least two wows?

Wow, yeah it does. “I dare you. Say Bill Clinton, sexual predator.” OMG.

Wonder if Newt and Megyn will make up like Megyn and Sean Hannity, or if this relationship has become a little too complicated.