It’s certainly not classified that Vox has the ability to respond to an attack on the Obama administration in just four minutes, but something unexpected happened Monday when the site posted its voxsplanation of the coming double-digit increases in Obamacare insurance premiums: senior editor Sarah Kliff concluded that the increases could be “the start of a possible death spiral for the Obamacare marketplaces.”

Kliff writes that there are two interpretations of the huge hike in premiums: either it could be a one-time course correction, or “we’ll keep seeing big rate increases as the population gets sicker and sicker.” If only someone had sounded that warning before it was rammed through Congress.

Lots of sites will be weighing in on this latest Obamacare nightmare, but Vox deserves special consideration, considering that was launched under the leadership of former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, whose Affordable Care Act cheerleading was cited by the Democrats in their tweets.

Here are a couple of other Vox shockers from Kliff, Klein, and company back in August that surely no one saw coming — almost as if Obamacare had been set up to fail.

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