Funny how record high temperatures in the summer routinely made headlines, while there was barely a word about some unseasonably warm weather that managed this week to set more than 50 records across 16 states. That’s not exactly true; a lot of people could be heard commenting on just how nice it was out.

President Obama recently praised the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement as “a turning point for our planet,” but of course he’ll be out of office when it comes time for the nations of the world to hold the temperature of the earth to within 2 degrees Celsius.

Bloomberg on Saturday sent out a link to its August piece on the dangers of enteric fermentation, the digestive process that produces cow flatulence. Forget carbon emissions — according to the EPA, methane’s global warming impact per molecule is 25 times greater than carbon.

While members of Congress wear their little flag pins and act all patriotic while leaving it to President Obama to slow the rise of the oceans, researchers in Argentina are testing real solutions to the problem. Introducing the methane backpack:

Udderly preposterous.

“The technology is in its early stages,” Bloomberg reports. So relax, they’re testing it.

The Argentina National Institute of Agricultural Technology reports that the methane backpack can extract enough methane each day to power a car or refrigerator — but don’t do that, since John Kerry has warned us that the fight against refrigerators is as important as the fight against terrorism. In a roundabout way, then, cows are essentially terrorists.