Don’t tell student protesters at Washington State University about that whole fall of the Berlin Wall thing back in ’89, because they’re really enjoying the self-esteem boost they got Wednesday from knocking over a prop border wall on campus put up by the WSU College Republicans.

Here’s a musical interlude in the form of a singalong to YG’s “F**k Donald Trump.”

Washington State administrators issued an official statement on Tuesday in advance of Wednesday’s “Great Wall of Trump” protest and counter-protest, but no matter how many times we read it, we can’t quite figure out they’re trying to say. Here’s an excerpt for anyone who can translate PC into English:

… WSU cherishes freedom of expression on its campuses. In fact, protecting the free exchange of ideas while encouraging dialogue that is constructive, respectful and civil is one of the university’s core values.

Similarly, we hold diversity and global citizenship as a core institutional value – it is a value essential for success in our globally interdependent world.

It’s important to remind ourselves, too, that diversity in all its forms benefits each of us. Interacting and learning with people from a diversity of backgrounds stimulates intellectual growth, encourages collaboration and fosters innovation – essential building blocks in creating community.

Yeah, whatever. What students want to know is why the administration allowed the College Republicans to display that hateful wall in the first place.

Where did the school’s pride in diversity go, anyway? Did anyone check under the wall? Maybe ask around.

Juan Oronia, chair of MEChA’s Empowerment and Self-Determination Committee, told the Daily Evergreen, “You don’t bring out symbols of hate to start a conversation.”

Unity Rally participants also were given the opportunity to leave their thumbprints on a painting of a tree, which, according to Oronia, showed that although everyone comes from different roots, together, they form — wait for it — a tree.