As Twitchy reported, Judicial Watch managed a remarkable feat earlier this month: the watchdog group legally cornered Hillary Clinton into answering a list of 25 questions about her sketchy email server while under oath — a first.

Clinton was given an extension, and reached an agreement to submit her answers in writing rather than being deposed in person, but on Oct. 13 she actually complied with the judge’s order, sort of. She did answer Judicial Watch’s questions, although many of those answers consisted of “Secretary Clinton does not recall…” or “Secretary Clinton objects to the question.”

On Wednesday, Judicial Watch released copies of an email exchange between Clinton and IT aide Bryan Pagliano, who faces a contempt vote after twice blowing off orders to appear before the House Oversight Committee.

To be fair, the emails themselves don’t contain any bombshell revelations; they simply show Clinton seeking tech help with an email problem.

There’s that, yes.

Further, when asked under oath to identify all communications with Pagliano related to the management of any emails in her email account, not only did Clinton object to the interrogatory as being out of scope; she added that she did not recall any communications with Pagliano about managing her email.

Pagliano? Again, he doesn’t even bother to show up in person to plead the Fifth when subpoenaed by Congress, despite having been granted immunity.

OK, fair enough. It was a minor exchange that she couldn’t recall. Still, for someone poised to assume the presidency in January, there’s an awful lot that Clinton doesn’t recall when under oath, and likely even more she won’t recall in the future as more and more documents surface.

* * *