Wow, Hillary Clinton really is the most qualified candidate for president ever. Even though she pinned the WikiLeaks document dumps on Vladimir Putin and his puppet Donald Trump during the third and final debate, she’s confident she can strike a deal with the Russians to save Syria from their aggression.

That’s great news coming on the heels of the current administration’s hot streak with striking deals, ranging all the way from Bowe Bergdahl to the Iran nuclear deal to that totally coincidental passing in the night of hostages and a pallet of cash.

She’s going to present them with the biggest, the classiest reset button, made by union workers in America with American steel.

She’d already pivoted to Russia once in search of a debate bailout, but those pesky document dumps, courtesy of Russia, just keep coming back to land on her forehead. She’s for a no-fly zone now?

She’s just that qualified.

A lot of former Sanders supporters are really going to be feeling the burn over that particular non-answer.

And that’s different from what the administration is currently doing … how? Will Hillary’s red lines be that much brighter than Obama’s? Solar powered?


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