Plenty were disgusted by Donald Trump’s suggestion that he and Hillary Clinton undergo drug tests before #DebateNight, which is a shame. Considering Clinton was hauled into her SUV and rushed to daughter Chelsea’s clinic just a month ago, she pulled off an amazing pivot for someone pushing 70. We’ll have whatever she’s having.

Everyone knew that WikiLeaks would make a cameo during the third debate, but so early? In a leaked speech, Clinton was quoted as saying she dreamed of “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” Maybe if they’d charged admission to the debate she’d repeat it?

Hold tight; the Democrats are still trying to confirm that the leaked documents are even real, or if the Russians hacked into their servers just to steal documents to alter later.

Plenty of her fact checkers in the media tweeted their analysis of her remarks, questioning if she really was for open borders when she said she dreamed of open borders. She certainly appreciates the assist, but this is her last debate, too — why pivot rather than clear things up?

Seeing as the debate’s in Vegas, it’s a good idea to look for each candidate’s “tell.”