There’s no telling how many times during the campaign Hillary Clinton has brought up America’s nuclear codes, and how important it is that someone who’s riled by a tweet never be allowed anywhere near them.

She also repeated on #DebateNight the established Democrat talking point that the contents of the documents posted by WikiLeaks aren’t nearly as important as the fact that Russia is hacking our servers — a threat so severe that she decided to set up her own private email server in her house.

It’s fine, though: she assured the public that just because she didn’t know what the (C) on her emails indicated, it didn’t matter as she treated everything as if it were at the highest level of classification … well, just about everything.

What, is that important? Turns out a whole lot of people caught it, most likely including the people behind the hacking of America’s servers.

Looks that way.

Correction: it was top secret.

First it was Vice President Joe Biden who, while campaigning for Hillary, thought he’d point out exactly who in his entourage was carrying the nuclear codes with him, so it was thoughtful of her to complete the gift set to the country’s enemies. But like President Obama said, “there’s classified, and then there’s classified.” Anyone could basically get this info “open source.”

It was an honest mistake; surely they’d let it slide if someone in the military did the same thing.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

* * *