After the New York Times published the accounts of two women who claim they were groped by Donald Trump, people in the Trump camp threatened that the candidate was drawing up a lawsuit, and it was going to be YUGE.

That lawsuit didn’t materialize, although Trump did demand a retraction that never happened either. On Wednesday, though, a suit that had been threatened against Trump did come true, although it had absolutely nothing to do with sexual assault.

It turns out the photographer who took the photo of a bowl of Skittles that found its way into a tweet by Donald Trump, Jr., was more than just angry to have his picture used by the campaign.

Seriously … it was a photo of a bowl of candy. Still, as the suit states, the photographer, a refugee himself, found it “reprehensibly offensive” that his picture was being used as a metaphor for the unchecked admittance of Syrian refugees.

Fair point — copyright law doesn’t provide protection for how the photographer feels about the use of his photo, though he might be in line for a nice payout anyway.