Whatever anyone says, preachy actors provide a valuable service to the country by making the extreme income inequality and liberal lockstep of the nation’s universities seem not quite so bad. As Twitchy reported, some familiar Hollywood and Broadway stars — quite a few of them American citizens — decided to get together and put on a show to help out their friend, Hillary Clinton, who not so long ago was “dead broke” and really hurting for cash.

Some celebs even treated the masses who couldn’t score tickets to impromptu street performances.

Monday was the big night at last, as Billy Crystal hosted the first-ever #BroadwayForHillary gala production. Remember when he was funny?

Wow, that’s … awful. What does that even mean? Was it a sly dig at Attorney General Loretta Lynch that just went over everyone’s head? Of course not.

We don’t want to know. Besides, that couldn’t have been the worst joke of the night if this one was in contention.

Wait, maybe it gets funnier the second time.

Hillary’s fans must truly think Trump supporters are just a big basket of deplorables or something, not that they’d ever say it out loud.