Democrats aren’t happy with WikiLeaks for allegedly working with Russian hackers to dump party emails, but dumping human waste is no way to respond. When they go, they go low.

Christian De La Rosa ‏reports that a HAZMAT crew had to be called to the location after a local businessman took photos of the bus relieving itself in the street.

It might not seem like a big deal (if you don’t live there, that is), but the image of a “Forward Together” campaign bus crapping on Lawrenceville, Ga., Tuesday morning had too many layers of metaphor to pass up.

This might be the only scandal that doesn’t have her fingerprints on it somewhere, but it still stinks.

Give the bus riders credit for not saying they “didn’t recall” dumping the waste, but those rolling environmental warriors claimed it was an honest mistake and they were unaware it might have been a violation.

* * *


The sewage keeps right on flowing. De La Rose reports in a Facebook post that the DNC has settled on an excuse: they dumped raw sewage down the drain for the public’s safety.

The driver saw that the sewage container for the bus was starting to leak because it was full. He was concerned that the bus would have to drive a substantial distance while leaking sewage, potentially putting cars at risk.

The Democrats have had a history of problems with things leaking slowly, so it made sense to go with the Tuesday morning excrement dump, hoping no one would notice.