That the media and the Hillary Clinton campaign are cozy is far from breaking news, but the most recently released batch of John Podesta’s emails has provided unprecedented insight into just how close that relationship is.

One email posted by WikiLeaks shows Podesta telling Jennifer Palmieri to “chill” after Philippe Reines, a top State Department advisor to Clinton, insisted that press coverage of Hillary’s recently revealed home-brew email server certainly wasn’t news but was “creating trust problems.”

Palmieri seemingly was not at all comfortable being associated with those trust problems and advised “Eric he should call Philippe to help with prepping Josh” as it would be “cleaner for both sides” if she removed herself from White House discussions about emails.

Andrew Stiles fills in the last names there, which include a couple from the White House press office.

It’s ironic how Hillary Clinton has stuck to the story of setting up her whole email operation because it was more convenient for her. What’s the chance she has any idea how just how inconvenient even her closest supporters have found it to cover for her while she packs her bags for the White House? She owes a lot of people, but is still dead broke when it comes to self-awareness.

Speaking of cozy, way down in that same email thread is a message from CNN’s senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar to the Clinton campaign’s Nick Merrill with the subject line, “Guidance please.”

“I understand Sec. Clinton will not address emails today,” she asked in March 2015. “Can you help me with managing my network’s expectations?”

It appears Keilar’s doing a good job of managing the Clinton campaign’s expectations.