It wasn’t so long ago that Mitt Romney’s comment about “binders full of women” seemed downright quaint compared to the “locker room talk” coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

But now that several graphic accounts of Trump allegedly groping and assaulting women have been published just since Wednesday, it’s kind of hard to believe that the comparatively tame #TrumpTapes that dominated the headlines last weekend were the final straw that compelled dozens of top Republicans to withdraw their support of the GOP nominee.

The Washington Post in response engaged in some anecdotal pearl-clutching with the disturbing account of a 6-year old girl who asked her mother, “What does it mean to grab somebody by the p—y?” Trump’s vulgar and widely reported comments likely did cause parents some awkward moments, but it can’t be much more uncomfortable than parenting in the ’90s, when broadcast news anchors were reporting on Bill Clinton’s hide-and-seek games involving a young intern and cigars.

In that context, it’s difficult to understand how the editors of Cosmopolitan thought this was a good time to publish a piece called, “Holy Sh*t, These Sexts From Disney Couples Will Make You Blush So Hard.”

If 6-year olds are out there watching campaign coverage on CNN, a handful are bound to stumble on this contribution to the culture too. What these beloved children’s cartoons are doing appears to be consensual, though, so maybe this counts as educational material teaching healthy sexuality?

Disney certainly isn’t going to appreciate the effort, and neither did most of Twitter.

Maybe these were funnier back in August?