As Twitchy reported, former CNN contributor and current DNC interim chair Donna Brazile popped up in the most recent email dump from WikiLeaks, appearing to express concern about how Hillary Clinton would answer a question on the death penalty asked during a live town hall on CNN that hadn’t yet happened.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple proposed that Brazile possibly could have been communicating with the Clinton campaign simply to prepare for a post-town hall panel discussion on CNN, which, if true, would show “just how faithfully a CNN contributor seeks to toe the Clinton line.” However, the heading of the email — “From time to time I get the questions in advance” — suggests a lot more than that. What’s her explanation?

Brazile has since released a statement to quell the controversy, in which she reminds everyone to focus on the real problem at hand: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin working together to leak damaging emails to influence the election. So, no denial that she did write the email, then, but rather a note that the DNC is in the process of verifying the authenticity of the leaked documents?

Brazile states that as a political activist, she “often shared her thoughts” with Democrats’ campaigns, before asking readers to “get one thing straight”: Russia is behind the hack of the leaked emails, and that’s what should trouble all Americans of both parties.

Who knows what else WikiLeaks has in store? Not this, for sure:

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Business Insider has run its own fact check on the story, citing both “a top Democratic Party source familiar with the exchange” and Brazile’s own statement in which she denied leaking questions.