Kanye West is taking some time off from public appearances to deal with a family crisis, so it might be a while before he appears on TV to declare that Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people.

Florida’s Atlantic coast was spared the worst of Hurricane Matthew over the weekend, but fallout from the storm remains a serious danger for residents of North Carolina, who are dealing with extensive flooding and widespread blackouts.

President Obama prepped for the oncoming storm last week by inviting Leonardo DiCaprio to the White House to screen his new climate change movie on the South Lawn, where he took a shot at legislators extolling their patriotism and wearing little flag pins while failing to let global warming hysteria sway their votes.

So where was the president this weekend while the coast was taking a beating from anthropogenic climate change? Monitoring the situation from the golf course, obviously.

It was back to work on Sunday, though, as the president was scheduled to appear at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago before jetting back to D.C.

Monday was a federal holiday, though, so the president was able to kick back and relax with a little more golf before taking off again Tuesday for a series of campaign appearances on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Dangerous and life-threatening? To the motorcade!