One of the most recent officer-involved deaths to inspire a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration (and yet fly unnoticed beneath politicians’ radar) occurred after officers were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance. Police arrived to find Reginald Thomas, 36, holding a large knife under his left arm and a fire extinguisher in his right hand.

Police deployed Tasers on Thomas twice before resorting to a hobble restraint to keep him still; Thomas died during the incident, with his girlfriend accusing police of killing him knowing he had bipolar disorder.

The story doesn’t have much in relationship with a shooting in Palm Springs, Calif., Saturday, other than to illustrate that police never know what to expect when called to handle a domestic dispute. The encounter proved fatal for two officers Saturday, and a third was shot also.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police do not yet have a suspect in custody after officers were called to a home where an argument between a father and son had turned violent. SWAT teams were on the scene and a manhunt is underway.

Lesley Zerebny had just returned to the force from maternity leave and leaves behind a 4-month-old daughter. Jose Gilbert Vega, a 35-year veteran and father of eight, was to retire in December.