Gov. Mike Pence managed to shine through Sen. Tim Kaine’s continual interruptions at their one and only debate, managing in comparison to look calm, cool and … presidential, really. Pundits opined that he did a great job setting himself up for a 2020 run.

Coming after the release of Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women caught on a hot microphone, Pence, who scolded his running mate in a statement released Saturday, is looking even more like a serious presidential candidate, particularly to Republicans who’d like Trump off the ticket altogether.

Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado issued a statement soon after Pence released his, claiming that the only thing that would allow the GOP to defeat Hillary Clinton would be for Trump to step aside and let Pence have the top spot. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll write in Pence.

Democrats certainly are enjoying the collapse of support for Trump, but there’s no chance elevating Pence to the top of the ticket would make the “GOP War on Women” narrative go away; attacks on Trump’s comments about women would just be redirected toward Pence’s voting record on abortion.

Citizens who’ve supported Trump through a year’s worth of media firestorms aren’t jumping off the Trump Train now.

Nebraska’s senators are jumping off the Trump Train as well.

Seems it’s unfashionable to start wearing the #NeverTrump hashtag in public after Labor Day without looking like a poser.