The number of senators who have pulled their support of Donald Trump Saturday over his most recently released comments about women just grew by one, but this is one of the bigger fish in the pond.

Sen. John McCain issued a statement Saturday afternoon disavowing Trump and stating that neither he nor his wife, Cindy, would be voting for Trump. Trump certainly didn’t do himself any favors with his comment about former POW McCain letting himself “get caught,” but McCain included a pretty lengthy list of issues that made it impossible for him to cast his vote for the GOP nominee.

“Cindy and I will not vote for Donald Trump,” McCain concludes. “I have never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate and we will not vote for Hillary Clinton. We will write in the name of some good conservative Republican who is qualified to be President.”

And that good conservative Republican would be … Mike Pence? A write-in vote for John McCain? McCain didn’t specify, at least in his statement.

For his part, Trump made it clear that he was not heeding calls to drop out and hand the nomination to Pence — not from the media, and not from the establishment.

Considering much of Trump’s appeal is that he’s not beholden to the establishment, the erosion of support from McCain and company doesn’t seem to be doing much harm — to Trump, that is.