A tape of Donald Trump caught on a hot mic in 2005 not only has proved to be the breaking point for a couple dozen high-level supporters in the GOP; even the maker of the mints mentioned in the audio clip is distancing itself from the GOP nominee.

That tweet managed to rack up 35,000 tweets in just five hours — that’s almost as impressive as learning that more than 30,000 people follow a mint manufacturer on Twitter.

Sales must have been plummeting too drastically over the past 24 hours for the company to hold its minty fresh tongue any longer.

Tic Tac probably isn’t going to enjoy its place in the social media spotlight any more than the Cincinnati Zoo did watching all of those delightful Harambe memes go viral.

So the Trump campaign has managed to bad-mouth not only refugees and women, but also candy? There’s no end to this, is there?

* * *