As Twitchy reported, Bill Clinton was heckled at a campaign rally in Ohio Wednesday by a protester carrying a sign and shouting, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

On Thursday, it was Tim Kaine’s turn to confront Clinton’s “naughtiness,” as it was described in April by CNN’s Carol Costello (who later apologized and admitted, slightly less ambiguously, that “what Bill Clinton did was way more than that”).

Was this just a stunt spurred on by Alex Jones, who sells the T-shirt on his online store and has offered a payout of $5,000 to “anyone who can be vocally heard saying ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ while wearing the shirt” on local or national television?

It looks like it, seeing as the protester followed the instructions exactly.

Even so, Hillary’s supporters can be as adamantly opposed to having that “conversation” that Bill mentioned Wednesday as the Clintons are themselves. Hasn’t anyone seen Hillary Clinton’s video where she says in earnest that women who have suffered sexual assault have the right to be heard and to be believed? Because the message doesn’t seem to have sunk in. The wheel of blame keeps spinning on this one.

Easy now; Granny doesn’t like it when people call other people names or pull stunts to get on the news. Ideas, not insults, remember?

It’ll be interesting to see if this heckler makes the news, or if the media in general considers this trend covered.


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