Now that the election is close both in the polls and in the days remaining until Election Day, reporters are “obtaining” some interesting documents. The New York Times, of course, received one of Donald Trump’s old tax returns in the mail from an anonymous sender, and now the Republican National Committee has obtained even more emails about Hillary Clinton’s home-brew server, which it passed on to the Wall Street Journal.

What could possibly be left to learn? A lot, apparently.

If President Obama really does learn everything by hearing it on the news along with the public, this new email leak ought to garner his interest.

The Journal reported Thursday night that emails obtained by the RNC show, 10 days after the server story broke, White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri and State Department spokeswoman Jennifer “Promise of Hashtag” Psaki apparently coordinating efforts to shield Secretary of State John Kerry from having to confront “the swirl of crap out there” in the wake of the New York Times’ story on the server — “think we can get this done so he is not asked about email,” one exchange reads.

One source said that the coordination probably wasn’t illegal, but it’s certainly not a good look for the most transparent administration ever. Are the newly released emails a game changer? It doesn’t look like it. What difference, at this point, does it make?

For those who aren’t over it and aren’t looking forward to spending another 4 to 8 years in the same swirl of crap, how about the rest of the emails? The RNC reportedly released only a portion of what it obtained through a FOIA request.