The handful of Fox News viewers left who don’t either turn the channel when Megyn Kelly signs off or switch back when Sean Hannity signs on can rest easy: despite a public squabble Wednesday night over petty politics, the two are still friends, so there’s no need to take sides.

Look — they’re still friends, and there’s no sign of any trouble in the dojo.

Kelly even slipped “my friend” into the handoff Thursday night. The only thing that could make this perfect night complete is for John Kerry to bring James Taylor by the TV studio.

That pic’s definitely going in the 2016 yearbook.

It checks out. It’s a keeper of a shot, though the lighting’s a little orange. Either that, or Trump support can be spread through casual contact.

No kidding. You’d think the folks at corporate would have wanted to have kept the feud rolling for as long as they could.

That would make a beautiful caption for this classic photo. Are you listening out there?


How about a team interview with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton since we’re on a roll?