The week’s worth of coverage of Miss Universe 1996 following the first presidential debate was so overwhelming that Hillary Clinton must have been relieved to have the scandal surrounding her home-brew email server behind her, finally.

Of course, that’s likely the same thing she thought when FBI director James Comey decided against recommending she be indicted for her extremely careless handling of classified materials. Anyone not deep in the tank for Clinton recognized a weasel move when they saw it, but at the #VPDebate Tuesday night, Tim Kaine didn’t have much choice but to cite Comey in defending his running mate.

What else was Kaine supposed to say with that electrified collar around his neck like that?

The moderator really nailed Clinton with that one, didn’t she? Maybe best to leave that subject behind for the remainder of the debate and keep the playing field from tilting too fast.

Shh … maybe no one noticed.

He knew he’d be safer moving to North Korea if he screwed this one up.